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724 Bridge Street, Humboldt, Kansas 66748, United States

(785) 806-3629

Sister company of Last Man Standing, LLC

Sister company of Last Man Standing, LLC

Sister company of Last Man Standing, LLCSister company of Last Man Standing, LLC


Firearms, Ammo, and Accessories


Click here to visit our main webstore where EVERY FIREARM has a LIFETIME GUARANTEED FREE REPLACEMENT AND REPAIR!

Cold Steel Knives


We deal in Cold Steel Knives!

Each blade is SUPER SHARP and stays that way. Great for defensive and all around use.

In Store Stock


We try to keep an updated list of our In Store Stock of our firearms. Contact Us for more information! See Below for Pictures!

Promote current deals


EACH WEEK we have NEW DEALS on Firearms in our webstore!

Starter Bundle Packs


Starter Bundle Packs are the BEST VALUE upgrade you can make to your new firearm. While customizable upon request, our basic Starter Bundle Pack includes everything you need to start experiencing your new firearm right! Starter Bundle Packs Include the following:

1 box FMJ practice ammo, 1 Box JHP Personal Protection ammo, 1 Package (10) targets, Ear & Eye protection (1 Set), Our EXCLUSEIVE Squirrely's Freedom Defense Holster, Our exclusive Target Shooting Score Keeper (W/ Folder), Coupons, and a range/EDC Bag.

Looking for Training?


Our Sister company, Last Man Standing, LLC holds all of our training. Check them out and drop a line if you are interested in learning something or taking a course you don't see.